Frequently Asked Questions about solar systems in Alice Springs

We’ve provided a list of frequently asked questions to help answer some of the more common queries on our solar power systems and services. If you don’t see the information here, please contact us by phone or email and we’ll be happy to assist you.

(A) Photon Solar can visit you for a quick but thorough on-site assessment. To determine what size solar power system is best for you, we’ll need to learn about your expected daily energy usage. We’ll take into consideration the electrical devices and appliances you rely on, as well as your location.

After assessing these factors, we can then advise you on the available options that will work best for you. Call now for a solar power system assessment.

(A) Solar panels continue to work on cloudy days. Sun rays still make their way through rain and clouds. However, as sunlight diminishes, so too does solar power production. The electricity generated depends on the density of cloud coverage. Your solar power production will be inconsistent and generally reduced in bad weather. The good news is that SunPower panels—which are readily available through Photon Solar—are among the best-performing solar panels on cloudy days.

(A) In Alice Springs, as well as everywhere else in Australia, we get the most sun exposure on panels facing a northerly direction. The energy collected from solar panels facing the east or west is generally not as great. Solar panel arrays can be placed on a tracking device that will re-orient the panels to achieve maximum sun exposure.

To learn more about this, please don’t hesitate to call us at Photon Solar.

(A) Power bill savings are affected by a number of factors, including:

  1. The size of your solar power system and your energy consumption. For the best results, you need a solar power system that is right for your needs. Your savings won’t be as great if you continually use more power than your system is producing. 
  2. Your feed-in tariff—the amount your electricity retailer pays you for excess power directed back into the grid.
  3.  Your usage—solar panels generate electricity when the sun is shining. So, if you’re using your power during the day, you can enjoy greater savings than you would using most of your electricity at night.

Photon Solar will be able to give you some ballpark figures for the savings you can expect from our recommended power system.

Get in touch today, so we can help you get your hands on some of these savings.

(A) To cope with your future energy demands, it’s a straightforward process to install additional solar panels and a higher capacity inverter. If you’re ready to do this, simply give us a call today for a free quote.

(A) Your solar panels have no moving parts to wear out. All they do is sit there and collect sunlight. They might also collect dust, debris and bird droppings—however the rain will usually wash this away. If it’s been a long time between drinks, hosing the panels down should do the trick. We recommend doing this from the ground, to ensure your safety. Leave the rooftop action to the professionals, like our team at Photon Solar. Call us if we can help with this.