Solar Panel - Alice Springs in Ilparpa, NT

Grid-Connected Solar Power in Alice Springs

Photon Solar has extensive experience installing grid-connected solar systems in Alice Springs and throughout the Northern Territory. Grid-connected systems allow you to power your home or business using renewable energy, with all unused electricity fed back into the grid. In exchange, you receive a tariff (credit) on your power bill, saving you money!

Photon Solar is an official partner of SunPower, an internationally recognised manufacturer of high-performance solar panels. We’re also service partners with NASTEC.

Along with panels, we also source solar inverters from leading brands, Fronius & Selectronic. In fact, with our clientele counting on robust performance, we ensure all components and accessories are manufactured to the highest standard. Some of the different types of grid-connected systems available are:

Photon Solar will manage every stage of the process, from design through to installation. We specialise in remote area power systems for Alice Springs, the Northern Territory, north and far north Queensland, South Australia and the northern side of Western Australia.

Arrange a consultation for a grid-connected solar system now by calling (08) 8953 5329. Our quotes are free.