Solar Pumps in Alice Springs

Solar pumps don’t get any better than those produced by Lorentz, the German world-leader in this technology. Photon Solar partnered with Lorentz in 2011 and we highly recommend their superior products. For Alice Springs and elsewhere in the Northern Territory, you won’t find anything to match Lorentz solar pumps for irrigation, stock watering and agricultural needs. We are also service partners with NASTEC.

Our team can supply, install and service solar water pumps throughout the Northern Territory, as well as interstate across north and far north Queensland, South Australia and northern regions of Western Australia.

Solar pumps allow you to pump water without spending money on expensive fossil fuels. They are reliable, efficient and the most cost-effective alternative to fuel-powered pumps.

Lorentz solar pumps are German-designed and engineered, using natural energy and the latest innovations to ensure fast and efficient water delivery. Lorentz manufactures an extensive range of high-performance solar pumps in different capacities for all residential and commercial needs. This includes solar pumps with built-in technologies, such as constant pressure control, constant flow control and shut-off switches to stop pumping under specified conditions.

Contact the friendly team at Photon Solar today on (08) 8953 5329. You’ll get honest advice and very competitive pricing on solar water pumps you can rely on for your home or business needs.