Alice Springs Solar Inverters and Generators

Photon Solar supplies and installs the ideal inverter to suit your clean energy needs and budget. Sourcing inverters and generators from premium manufacturers like Selectronic, NASTEC and Fronius, we tailor our solar solutions to match the needs of the client.

Our inverters have warranties up to 10 years, so you are assured of high performance and reliability in the future. This also means we offer competitive pricing on all inverters for grid-connected and off-grid applications.

Photon Solar also supplies and installs hybrid inverters. These innovative systems switch between grid-connected and off-grid power sources, depending on your energy needs.

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Shop for a Generator in Alice Springs

Looking for a generator? We provide a range of solutions that are capable of meeting all your remote energy needs, whether you’re camping or powering a station property.

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Selectronic is an Australian-owned company that has designed and manufactured superior inverters for more than 50 years. The company’s component approach to inverters allows versatility in system design, meaning all home and business solar systems can be customised to suit the energy needs and budget of the client. Selectronic has inverters available for numerous applications including microgrids, hydro, solar, wind and diesel generators.

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Fronius combines new technologies and intensive research to design premium quality inverters that meet their key principles of flexibility, reliability and optimisation. With inverters supported by the latest battery charging technology, Fronius offers round-the-clock clean energy solutions for all home, business and industrial requirements.

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